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Miracle Makers was founded in November 2014, by Maya Tharoo with the express purpose of aiding children born prematurely. This, however, is not simply another issue for Maya; reason being that Maya Tharoo was born on July 17th, 2004 over 2 months before her expected due date. Maya herself was the same as all those children she seeks to help. Helping not simply with words, but also actions; Maya Tharoor has been volunteering at Winnie Palmer Intensive Care Unit since the age of 5. At 9 she was the youngest recipient of the Orlando Community Builder Rising Star Award in 2014. In addition, her ‘Team Maya’ raised the second highest funds for the Winnie Miracle Mile. Maya has shown time and again, how dedicated she is to this issue and how she will stop at nothing to see children receive not the care that they need; but the care that they deserve.

Meet Our Founder

Maya Tharoo

Maya Tharoo Founder of Miracle Makers Foundation, Miracle Makers foundation is a vision of Maya. Maya is considered the youngest volunteer at Winnie Palmer hospital now at age of thirteen; She started at age of five. Maya visits the Neonatology Unit once a month or when requested by doctors or parents of the preemies. She provides hope and happiness for parents and a sense of accomplishment for nurses and doctors when she makes her rounds. It was these visits that inspired Maya to create Miracle Makers Foundation; to broaden the scope of her cause and or involvement from regional to the scope her cause and or involvement from regional to the international arena. Maya is the youngest recipient of the “Community Builder Rising Star award” of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer in 2004.

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Maya Tharoo

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